Raw materials

From raw cotton to yarn, we control every phase of the finishing process through weaving, dyeing and printing processes overseen directly by our company.

Before being put into production, all of the fabrics are subject to a careful analysis involving close scrutiny, geared at identifying and eliminating any defects or non-conformities in the raw materials at the cutting stage.

Research and development

Research and development activities are the very heart of our business. Each year, Linclalor invests around 1 million Euros into the design and production of new collections.

The research and development process always begins with the gathering and development of ideas. These either arise spontaneously through research activities carried out directly by the company team, or result from a collaboration with longstanding partners.


In total, the two research and development centres in Villanova and Pollenzo-Bra employ a team of 30 employees, generating over 600 new items for sale per season and directly overseeing all of the activities, from prototyping to the development of sizes, including batch production optimisation.

Our team of designers is split into sub-groups, each of which has specific competences relating to the different product types.


Once it has been approved, the prototype is handed over to our product industrialisation team, who are responsible for simplifying the tailoring operations as much as possible so as optimise cost-effectiveness in the batch reproduction phase.

The production process involves the cutting, tailoring, control, and ironing stages. All these phases are handled directly inside the company.