Linclalor S.p.a.

SS 31 Km 18
Villanova Monferrato (AL) - 15030
t. +39 0142 338411


C/Joaquin Blume, 7
08205 Sabadell - Barcelona
t. +34 93 7270205
f. +34 93 7459464


250, Route de Tiragon BP42
06371 Mouans - Sartoux Cedex
t. +33 492929633
f. +33 492929683

SC LCL S.r.l.

Strada Stefan cel mare 315
730006 Vaslui — Romania
t. +40 2 35361366

Boasting a wealth of experience acquired over sixty years since its establishment, Linclalor group now operates through four companies, present in Italy, France, Spain, and Romania.

From these poles, the company covers the Italian and international markets with the highest level of competence and customer service, in the nightwear, underwear and beachwear sectors, ready for the new challenges of the future.

Linclalor S.p.A. operates as the parent company through two headquarters.

The historic headquarters in Villanova Monferrato fulfils the Group’s sales, administrative and financial management duties. It deals with research and development activities for the nightwear and clothing lines, as well as the finishing of all the raw materials and the supply of logistical services for the production.

LCL Romania is the production centre for all the lines and the logistical platform for the finished products.

LCL France: deals with the commercial distribution of all the product lines on the French market.

GLG Fashion: deals with the commercial distribution of all the product lines on the Spanish market.

Company Organisation

With 60 years in business under its belt, Linclalor S.p.A. is an historic company in the sector.

Boasting five European headquarters, and an extremely comprehensive, up-to-date range of products, our Group is the ideal partner for multi-channel distribution ranging from single-brand retail to independent retailers and large-scale distribution.

Production Process

From raw cotton to yarn, we control every phase of the finishing process through weaving, dyeing and printing processes overseen directly by our company.

Most of our raw materials are obtained through a verticalized process.
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Research and development activities are the very heart of our work.
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The prototype division employs 20 highly specialized dressmakers.
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All the cutting, tailoring, control and ironing stages are handled directly within our company.
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